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Discharge vs. firing

AtascaderoJanuary 31, 2013 

Bruce Gibson

JAYSON MELLOM — The Tribune Buy Photo

The Tribune recently ran an article announcing that Supervisor Gibson was moving his lover back into his office with the approval of county administrative staff and county counsel. Then there was a front-page article explaining that sex is a major reason military commanders are fired, data show. Some of these men were fired for adultery, etc.

The military doesn’t fire — it discharges its sworn members. These discharges run from honorable to general discharge, under honorable conditions, to bad conduct discharge, undesirable discharge, and finally dishonorable discharge. Once you hit bad conduct discharge, your education won’t help you and your future is bleak in the USA.

The reason I mention sworn members, is because I took this oath three times and am familiar with what it says. The reason I mention this is because all government employees and elected officials take the same oath.

My question is: What makes Mr. Gibson more important than any other man or woman who has sworn to support and defend the Constitution of the United States? For that matter, what makes SLO County employees the high court on this matter? After all, we elected him.

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