Fishing Report: Bishop, Miller team for another win

Special to The TribuneJanuary 30, 2013 

Their love of fishing was inherited from their fathers who were buddies prior to marrying each other’s sisters. 

Now, cousins Darrin Bishop of Paso Robles and Dean Miller from Tulare are a highly successful team in competitive bass fishing tournaments.

When both were younger, their dads took them on camping, hunting and fishing trips.

Angling events continue to be centerpieces of their adult lives, while their siblings did not develop a similar love of the outdoors.

It was the team’s second win of the month. Two weeks ago, they were ABA winners at Lopez Lake with an 18.57-pound limit.

Expectations at Nacimiento Lake are markedly different.

A healthy largemouth was the difference maker Saturday at Nacimiento Lake where Bishop and Miller captured first-place honors in their initial foray into WON Bass Central Coast competition. 

Bishop and Miller didn’t enter the first two tests on the 2012-13 WON schedule.

The pair are also teammates in American Bass Pacific Coast events but rivals when it comes to 101 Bass competitions. On Feb. 9, they will face each other in the third 101 test at Lake San Antonio.

Miller and Bishop both say Nacimiento Lake is one of their favorite lakes.

“Back in December, when we fished an ABA event there, the water was clear,” Bishop said. “Last week, it was a beautiful day and it hasn’t rained for a while so I don’t know why the water was so muddy.

“Frequently, you can catch a limit in an hour or two, but we knew fishing would be tough last week and it was. We had no bites at our first stop. In fact, most of the areas we visited produced no bites.”

Three spotted bass were caught at their second stop. Their next fish was the difference. 

“I saw that Dean had one on that bent his rod, so I grabbed the net before he called for it. That largemouth was a beauty and healthy, too,” Bishop said.

The 3.36-pound fish was big fish of the tournament. There were just two other fish in excess of 2 pounds caught.

The 17 teams caught a total of 47 fish, including only two limits. 

Bishop and Miller’s largemouth was their fourth fish. They didn’t fill out their limit until about 1:30 p.m. All their fish were caught on plastics.

 Runners-up Bryan Grier and his dad, Steven, had the other limit — 6.51 pounds.

“A 3-pound fish is huge at Nacimiento,” Miller said. “Fortunately, we didn’t lose any fish. That can be heartbreaking especially when the bite was as difficult as it was last Saturday.”

After three events on the seven-tourney WON schedule, none of the three winners rank among the leaders in the points chase. The Griers, with two seconds and a seventh, are atop the standings with 292 points.


WON Bass Results at Nacimiento Lake

 Top 10, Number of Fish, Weight, Winnings

1. Darrin Bishop, Paso Robles, Dean Miller, Tulare, 5, 9.07 pounds, $2,280; 2. Bryan Grier, Hollister, Steven Grier, Salinas, 5. 6.51 pounds, $620; 3. Austin Bonjour, Graham Grove, Atascadero, 4, 5.46 pounds, $485; 4. Randy McAbee, Jr., Mason McAbee, Bakersfield, 4, 4.95 pounds, $360; 5. Erik Zillig, Paso Robles, Tim Caudle, 4, 4.44 pounds, $70; 6. Mike Pierce, John Shaw, 4, 4.16 pounds; 7. Mark Scribner, Pismo Beach, Whitney, Uyeda, Buellton, 3, 3.80 pounds: 8.Reggie Peinado, Nipomo, Joey Baldacchino, 3, 3.45 pounds; 9. Steve Goodman, San Luis Obispo, Aaron Quarles, Nipomo, 1, 2.97 pounds, $415; 10.Randy McAbee, Sr., Bakersfield, Clark Small, Solvang, 2. 2.58 pounds.

1st Big Fish — Fish, 3.36 pounds:, Bishop & Miller; 2nd  Big Fish, 2.97 pounds; Goodman & Quarles. 


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Patriot Sportfishing

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Nature cruises are planned for Sundays and Mondays from 10 a.m. to noon. Cost is $35 for adults and $15 for children 12 and under. Favorable weather and a minimum of 10 reservations are required.

Virg’s Landing

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Nacimiento Lake

Reporting from Heritage Ranch, Dave Rymal said Greg Hanley caught a 2 1⁄2-pound spotted bass drop-shotting while Dean Shupp caught a 3-pounder Monday.

Cachuma Lake

Trout limits were still obtainable last week, although more effort was required marina manager Ken Hemer said. Flat lining Rapalas or similar minnow imitations produced the best results. 

Shore fishermen used PowerBait or inflated nightcrawlers to take fish to six pounds at E Point, Marina Point and the Mohawk Area. Bass fishing continues to be tough. With great effort jigs and drop-shotting produced some results.

Lopez Lake

No report. 


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