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Cambrian Letters to the Editor Jan. 31

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Going fishing …

With strong and mixed emotions, I am taking an extended leave of absence from my clinic, tentatively effective Feb. 6. Nurse Practitioner Cecelia Lomeli will continue full time at our Community Health Center and I expect CHC to fill my position soon with a new physician.

I will miss being the doctor to so many Cambrians. Be assured that I am well, if worn. I will remain local and see you around town. I am grateful for the friendships and support from this community for over 27 years.

David McBride, M.D.


Editor’s note: Dr. McBride furnished the headline for his letter.

Women’s heart health

Cardiovascular disease is the number-one killer of women in the United States today. Heart disease knows no boundaries of age, sex, ethnicity or financial status. Women are at particular risk for a number of reasons, one being a lack of understanding of the risk factors involved and another the differences in the presentation of the symptoms of a cardiac episode in women.

During February, The American Heart Association and Go Red For Women target women to help raise their awareness in the fight against heart disease and learning to “love your heart” to live a longer, healthier life. Learn your numbers (weight, blood pressure, percentage of body fat, body measurements), evaluate your diet and exercise regime.

Stop by your local fitness facility or healthcare provider during February to learn your numbers. Taking preventative steps today can significantly reduce the chances of getting heart disease tomorrow, next year or 10 years from now.

On Friday, Feb. 1, join millions of women on National Wear Red Day and wear red to help raise awareness about women and heart disease; to help the important women in your life — your mother, your daughter, your sister, but especially — yourself!

Join the movement. Learn your numbers. “Go Red” and find your own personal way to fight heart disease.

Kristi A. Jenkins, trustee

Cambria Community Healthcare District

Include everyone

Al Abney of Cambria is correct (“Laundering water,” letter to the editor, The Tribune, Jan. 22).
It is a discriminating start for the Cambria Community Services District to transfer ratepayer fees and property taxes to buy commercial high efficiency laundry washing machines for a few customers to save water and to apply towards future development.

An improvement to benefit everyone would be to provide a community rebate program similar to that of appliance manufacturers and utility companies.

If there is insufficient funding or a grant cannot be obtained for a community effort, then phase the commercial program out.

Werner Koch


Repave the road

I bicycle Highway 1 from Carmel to San Luis Obispo and was distressed to learn of the chip-seal paving nightmare in the Cambria area.

Caltrans did a similar chip seal on CA 130 (Mt. Hamilton Road) in the San Jose area, also a popular cycling route. Surprisingly, after chip sealing a five-mile stretch with one of the roughest road surfaces one can imagine, the next five miles were paved with hot asphalt, providing one of the finest cycling roads in the area.

I don’t know why Caltrans put two entirely different types of paving jobs on 10 miles of Mt. Hamilton Road, but it makes you wonder about its management capability.

Highway 1 near Cambria should have been paved with hot asphalt laid down with paving machines, instead of just spreading and rolling the gravel and tar-chip-seal mix. It needs to be repaved with hot asphalt.

Dennis Nitschke

San Jose

Yule know who II

This letter has been submitted to follow up and add to the Jan. 10 “Wild Christmas trees” and Jan. 24 “Yule know who you are” letters to the editor in The Cambrian.

I, too, participated in the decorating of one of the Monterey pine trees for the holidays. Last year, I lost my best furry friend (Kodi) who loved to go for long walks with me on the Fiscalini Ranch Preserve, so I had decided to place her Xmas ornaments on one of the trees in the Ranch.

After doing so, I was delighted to see that someone had added to the ornaments that I had initially put on the tree. I, too, was disappointed when I went out one day to pick up the ornaments after the holidays and find them all gone.

I had assumed that the person who had wonderfully “augmented” my decorations had collected all the ornaments for safe keeping for the next holiday. The Jan. 24 letter to the editor suggests otherwise.

I’m hopeful that my ornaments that have sentimental value will return later this year for the holidays. Thank you.

Anneline van Benthem


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