Letter to the Editor

In praise of shame

OceanoJanuary 30, 2013 

I know exactly what Phil Dirkx is talking about in his Jan. 25 column. His comments about “shame” are very true. I remember times when my parents said, “You should be ashamed of yourself.” I knew what they meant, and I immediately changed course.

For the past many years, kids have been protected by parents and teachers so that they never feel shame. I say “nonsense.” If it’s shameful, say so, and learn from it.

We only have to read any newspaper or watch any TV news show to learn about the shameful acts committed by prominent people. Political personalities, teachers, actors, church leaders, business owners, etc. are guilty of shameful acts everyday and seem to not understand or care.

We have a few prominent public figures, locally, who need to be told “Shame on you” and removed from office without a large termination bonus. Should the public should pay for their shameful acts? I don’t think so.

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