Letter to the Editor

Not giving up

Morro BayJanuary 30, 2013 

Regarding the Jan. 28 article, “GOP split on plan to change electoral system”: If nothing else, the Republican leadership in Washington doesn’t give up easily in its pursuit of winning presidential elections, even if the country suffers for it. Consider their lockstep opposition to every one of President Obama’s first term policies, even though the country was on the brink of a depression.

They filibustered more than 300 bills so nothing could be accomplished. Their opposition caused two showdowns, one over shutting down the government, the other about defaulting on the country’s debt.

The next plan was to suppress the vote by implementing new restrictions on voter registration and curbing early voting in predominately Democratic precincts. That plan backfired when Democrats waited in long lines for hours to vote.

If they can’t keep Democrats from voting, plan B seems to be to change how the votes are counted. Republicans are now looking at a plan in key swing states that would apportion the electoral vote according to gerrymandered Congressional districts won, instead of the presidential candidate who won the state overall.

It’s a shame that some Republicans would rather change the rules than change their failed policies to win the presidency. Let’s hope saner minds prevail to reject this plan.

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