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Team players

AtascaderoJanuary 30, 2013 

The Jan. 25 article on a special group of young basketball players highlighted five of the original A-Town Dawgs but left out two more Hounds who also graced that tight-knit group. This includes Chase Young and Zac Austin. In addition, although not a Hound, let us also not forget the original three Wills who walk the campus and courts of Templeton. As the parent of a former Dawg, I watched these boys fight hard on the court and grow together as brothers off the court.

It all started with a vision by a special person, John Berwick, who challenged a group of kids at each practice and game to be better and to learn from each experience, win or lose. The quiet guidance of assistant coach Scott Stuedemann was always there. Moving the ball on the court became so automatic it was often difficult to see how these kids were communicating.

When we went up against big teams out of Los Angeles, John was always there with encouragement and solid coaching. Usually we came out on top. In later years, we added other players and had the generous sponsorship from AccuZip, but the core group has still prevailed. Go Dawgs!

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