Letter to the Editor

Education needed

Arroyo GrandeJanuary 30, 2013 

As an National Rifle Association member since 1949, I am sick and tired of being referred to as “an NRA gun nut,” a pejorative term used by people, who for the most part, have probably never received any firearms training or ever fired a weapon. I started competing in small-bore rifle matches at age 13, and in 1961 qualified as a Distinguished Rifleman in high-power rifle competition.

In all my years of competitive shooting, I never saw an accident involving a firearm, primarily because we were well trained in the proper handling and use of weapons, and we respected their inherent danger.

Today, too many people are uneducated about firearms. They fear guns and have decided that they have no place in private hands. But I firmly believe in the freedoms listed in the Second Amendment and feel that any person who is trained should be able to possess any legal weapon without any hassles from the government.

The only proposed regulation I would agree with is limiting magazine capacities to 10 rounds. I competed with the M1 Garand, which has a magazine capacity of eight rounds. It is ample even for the toughest competitions.

Perhaps it is time that we educate our young people about firearm safety instead of scaring them stiff about guns.

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