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First prize is $2,013, but real winner is the Class of 2013

Special to The CambrianJanuary 28, 2013 

Most people I know would love to take a chance on winning $2,013. But how many of you would like to take a chance at a local teen indulging in unsafe activities on graduation night (statistically shown to be one of the most dangerous nights of a teen’s life) and getting into a car and driving under the influence? You can make that choice.

A show of hands, please, if you’ve read here about Sober Grad over these many years of my column — thank you. Put them down. Now, how many of you remember what it is, the impact it has, the wonderful memories it’s created, the effort it takes to make it come together for our graduating seniors? Let me remind you.

Now that the class of 2013 (egads!) has been surveyed about what types of fun they might be up for, the parents are diligently raising funds and making countless phone calls around the county and beyond to make an evening not-to-be-forgotten. I personally have been a chaperone, a purveyor of activity and a graduate parent, so know the event intimately. It’s a gas!

This year, the theme is “Believe” and they’re asking you to believe in the Class of 2013 by supporting this cause in any way that you can. The grand prize this year is $2,013! There is a second-place prize of one night at Moonstone Landing and a third-place prize of one night at Treebones Resort! How cool is this!

Tickets are only $10 and can be purchased at the Cambria Farmers Market, the Cambria Chamber of Commerce, Cambria Café, Coast Union High School home games and Cambria Youth Athletic Association (CYAA) games, or by calling 540-8382. All proceeds go to finance Grad Night.
Besides buying raffle tickets, you can make donations, monetary or otherwise, to Sober Grad by calling Stephanie Arehart at 927-1240.

The raffle drawing will be held Feb. 1 at halftime at the Coast Union High School varsity boys basketball game. It has always proven to be an exciting evening. But not as exciting as the evening in store for our kids the last night of their primary education career!

Teenagers start drinking earlier and earlier. Grad Night not only helps preserve the lives of our kids, but serves as a model for comprehensive community involvement, bringing businesses, community members and local leaders together to solve a common and potentially serious problem. In addition to providing safe activities for graduates, the program makes the community at large safer because graduates are not out drinking and driving, creating dangerous scenarios for all our townsfolk.

After the graduation ceremony and dinner with family, they come back to the school where they are picked up in a bus and whisked off to secret destinations.

In years past, there have been magicians, bumper cars, swimming, rock climbing, chair massage, line dance lessons, chocolate fountains, espressos. Arcade games, bowling, laser tag and more, at Kennedy Fitness, Boomers, Star Farms and many, many other destinations.

I’ve done trivia games on the bus for silly prizes, there have been improvisational groups to entertain at a site, old time photo booths and temporary tattoo artists (no, never the permanent kind). All this at no cost to the individual student — all in one night, one night together with many kids that they’ve known all their lives, for one last time.

Be a part of the big picture, support Sober Grad!

Dianne Brooke’s column is special to The Cambrian. Email her at tiedi@att.net, or visit her website at www.ladytiedi.com.

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