Letter to the Editor

COLAB forgets labor, ag

CambriaJanuary 28, 2013 

When the Coalition of Labor, Agriculture, and Business (COLAB) opposed the appointment of Betsey Nash to the Civil Service Commission, it cited her desire to be an advocate for the employees. COLAB’s reasons were that the employees were there to work. The employees should be happy that they are being paid and have some benefits. Heaven forbid that the employees are given opportunities to learn more efficient ways to do their work. After all, they are only there to serve the public.

And then we have COLAB’s ridiculous arguments that “smart growth” principles are a conspiracy by the United Nations to take away property rights. As an outspoken advocate for both agriculture and property rights, it seemed to me that “smart growth” was just common sense.

The most expensive way for local governments to provide the services people need is to spread development across the county like chunky peanut butter. The roads, schools, law enforcement and other services that the people who move there will need are extremely expensive for local governments to provide.

It appears to me that COLAB has forgotten that the “L” and “A” in its name stand for labor and agriculture, since they seem determined to chip away at the dignity of the first and the viability of the latter.

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