Letter to the Editor

Give tests to gun buyers

San Luis ObispoJanuary 28, 2013 

I was speaking with my friend, Joseph Abrahams, M.D., who specifically gave me permission to use his name in this letter. He said to me that he looked at having a gun like having a car. In the case of the car, you need a license to drive. Why not have a similar system to having a gun? A written and oral test and a “test drive.”

Sounds good to me. But I would add a background check, and no one should have the ability to have or own a semiautomatic weapon unless it is for military or police use. Singlefire weapons for hunting and protection are fine, but the ability to mow down human beings, whether you are mentally stable or not, can no longer be tolerated.

So come on Congress, finally, do the right thing for America!

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