Letter to the Editor

System has gone wrong

CayucosJanuary 28, 2013 

It was discovered that HSBC Bank has laundered billions of dollars for drug cartels, Iran and even al-Qaida. Our government prosecutors say they will not prosecute even one person because it might upset the entire banking industry. Boy, have I got a nice used bridge to sell you.

Not one banker on Wall Street will be (or has been after four years) prosecuted because of our government prosecutors not being able to prove that the fraud Wall Street has committed was “intentional.”

Are you kidding me? No executives from Wall Street that caused people to lose billions has spent even one day in jail.

Then I read about the extremely bright young man who committed suicide because of threats of 10 years of incarceration from government prosecutors regarding a situation that was actually just a civil matter.

How about the family man with two young children who is facing a 15-year federal prison sentence for growing a room full of pot for a dispensary, while completely abiding by California law?

It seems the ones who can fix the problem are the ones causing it.

Something is going very, very wrong with our system.

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