Letter to the Editor

Selective rights

Los OsosJanuary 26, 2013 

No one has mentioned the National Shooting Sports Foundation in the recent conversations about gun control. The NSSF is an arm of the firearm industry in the United States, and its main headquarters are about three miles from Sandy Hook Elementary School.

This is the organization which held the largest gun show in history in Las Vegas last Sunday, calling it Gun Appreciation Day.

This is also the organization that introduced assault weapons to the public, terming them “fun guns.” After the original show of these guns, a female reporter was supposedly heard to remark, “I want my kids to have these guns — they look like a lot of fun!” Fun?

Something continues to bother me about the Republicans (mostly) screaming about having their “rights taken away” and wanting to continue to have unlimited access by the general public to assault weapons.

These are the same people who are screaming “anti-abortion” and “you are taking a life,” etc. They have no regard for the rights of a woman to have an abortion.

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