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Yule know who you are

This is a note to thank Patti Iacono for her sweet note (Jan. 10, “Wild Christmas trees”). She enjoyed seeing a couple of decorated trees on the Fiscalini Ranch Preserve.

I was one of the ones who wanted to spread a little joy in His name, so I decorated a tree. I was disappointed when I went out on the Monday after Epiphany to take the decorations down, only to find that someone had already taken the decorations down.

If that person was being helpful, I’d appreciate having the decorations back to decorate for next year. I have been doing this for a few years now with no problem. Thank you.
Here’s a picture of the tree with doggie friends.

Marjorie Sewell


Attn: Korean War vets

I’m a young filmmaker currently making a documentary short film about Korean War Veterans of the Central Coast in order to commemorate the 60th anniversary of the war.

I’m looking for local Korean War veterans to be a part of the project. The film will be submitted to the GI Film Festival in Washington D.C. and, if selected, will be posted on the Department of Defense official website.

If you would be interested in participating in this project, please contact me at (805) 927-3043. The production deadline is Feb. 16.

Kyle Plummer


Lots to be thankful for

NOW is the time to order your “Thank you for …” sign(s), and participate in the project sponsored by the Cambria “Y” Camp grammar school after-school program.

Who or what would you like to say “Thank you for …” during February?

“Y” Camp after-school-program Cambria Grammar School students want to help you show your “Thank you for …” thoughts in a creative way AND help you raise money for your favorite nonprofit organization. It’s a great club and/or school fundraiser!

To achieve their mission, the after-school program students are continuing to nurture a new type of perennial to blossom in Cambria each February: “Cambria’s Thank you for … Festival.”

Eighty-nine kindergarten-through-fifth grade “Y” Camp after-school-program students are constantly guided to give service to their community. The “bulb” for this project begins germinating December of each year.

In February 2012, the first year of the Thank You for … Festival, planted happy energy and spread heaps of love through orders of 137 heart-filled thank you for … signs. Thank you for … grew from one end of Main Street to the other end during the whole month of February — the month of love.
The after-school program students perennial-service learning project encourages everyone to think about who or what would you like to say “thank you for ….”

During December, students begin creating their own colorful country-styled heart-shaped thank you for … signs, as well as signs which can be ordered for $15/sign. Each sign nets $5 for the purchasers’ designated nonprofit organization (which makes it a great club and/or school fundraiser!).

All thank you for … signs will be magically planted Feb. 1 on Main Street and Moonstone Beach Drive and left to blossom and flower all month, spreading smiles, a wonderful attitude of gratitude, happy energy and lots of love. Just as magically, the perennial signs will go to seed Feb. 28, leaving feelings of gratitude, happiness and love that will continue to grow forever in ways that no one can even imagine at this time — then, yearly during February, thank you for … signs will magically reappear!

To order your thank you for sign(s), contact Jennifer Vialpando, Cambria “Y” Camp program director, at 305-8395, or myself, Stephanie “jojo” Stacy, a Cambria “Y” Camp staffer, via email at or call 235-6915 to request a Thank you for … order form.

Then, decide who or what you’d like to say thank you for; order at $15 each your thank you for … sign(s); decide which nonprofit you would like to have benefit from your thank you for … sign (suggested organizations are on order form or you can list others); make your tax-deductible check ($15 per sign) to Cambria “Y” Program #551 and send to Stephanie Stacy, P.O. Box 668, Cambria CA 93428; and, finally, watch for the magic to begin Feb. 1st every year!

Stephanie Stacy


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