Letter to the Editor

Nipomo interchange

NipomoJanuary 24, 2013 

What a fantastic job on the Willow Road Interchange in Nipomo. It took many years and lots of hard work, with many people involved — and it paid off. It is amazing. It is hard to imagine getting that much detail in concrete. The quail just makes you smile. It makes for a great start to your day.

Yet, there have been no photos, no articles on this project. The years of work and the tireless effort by everyone involved should be applauded not ignored. It is a great piece of artwork for everyone in San Luis Obispo County to enjoy, and it should certainly be recognized. Credit should be given where credit is due. There are great writeups about everything else in the county, why not this?

Is it because it’s in Nipomo? Well, we here in Nipomo and everyone involved are very, very proud of it. Hats off to everyone who worked so hard to make San Luis Obispo County a better place to live. Now it’s time for San Luis Obispo to appreciate it as well.

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