Letter to the Editor

Medicare choices

TempletonJanuary 23, 2013 

Many seniors on Medicare are being asked to select additional coverage by enrolling in so-called Medicare Advantage Plans, such as the AARP Med Complete by Secure Horizons, and a similar plan from CCPN. This sounds like a good way to get additional coverage from Medicare, and the premiums are only about $30 per month, which is a good deal.

I had a similar plan in 2012, and it saved me a bundle. But, for 2013, this plan is only offered in SLO County if you live in certain ZIP codes. I live in Templeton, 93465, and cannot enroll, even though seniors in Santa Margarita, 93453, can choose that AARP Plan for 2013, in the current enrollment period. To me, this is discrimination by ZIP code against seniors in Templeton, Atascadero and Paso Robles ZIP codes.

Shouldn’t we have the same choices that other county residents have?

I have written to Lois Capps and others to see if some reforms could be made to this system.

Please note, also, that my doctors, hospital, clinics and specialists here in Templeton are in this same ZIP code, practicing on a daily basis. Something needs to be fixed, maybe by government reforms to this unfair system.

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