Letter to the Editor

World-class concert

Los OsosJanuary 23, 2013 

The San Luis Obispo Chamber Players and violinist Shunske Sato, conducted by Michael Nowak, recently presented an event that filled three missions to the very last seat: Mission San Miguel, Mission San Luis Obispo, and Mission Santa Barbara. I was in all three concerts. The musicians received enthusiastic standing ovations after each performance.

The missions were a wonderful venue for the program. The acoustics are beautiful in them, especially in the Santa Barbara Mission. I felt the intimacy of the San Miguel mission, the comfort of being at home in the mission in San Luis Obispo, and the illusion of being closer to heaven in the majestic mission in Santa Barbara.

Every concert had its own special flair.

I was in awe about Shunske Sato’s amazing skill and creativity on the violin. He has a finesse and expressiveness in his interpretations that moved me. Our Chamber Players did everybody proud. The performance was world class.

I thank Michael Nowak for having the vision to plan this Mission tour.

It was an unforgettable experience.

Thanks to everybody involved from the bottom of my heart!

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