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The joys of exciting the imagination

Special to The CambrianJanuary 21, 2013 

I finally got to go see the new “Hobbit” movie. I liked it a lot. The one complaint I had: “I’d like to see the next one in something bigger than a classroom so I can sit back further. I was getting dizzy! I don’t know if I could have handled the 3D version!”

Absolutely astounding, the effects! The sound fidelity, the colors, the makeup were all beyond whatever I could have imagined as a child.

Actually, I did often imagine stuff like this as a child. I always loved fantasy and science fiction books, comics, cartoons and movies. Yes, I loved, loved, LOVED the “Wizard of Oz”! (Probably explains some of my penchant for Halloween.)

Heck, when I moved here in 1981, Cambria still didn’t have push button phones (I believe we got that technology in 1982). Cell phones still resembled large bricks and there was no way they would work in Cambria’s hills and knolls anyway. Heck, loads of the roads that lead through this terrain were still dirt!

A friend recently sent me a link to a website with dozens of old radio shows from long ago that you could listen to from its archive. I must confess, although I was somehow familiar with most of them, they were before my time. We got a color television in the mid-’60s and thought we were pretty hot stuff. Now I have an object that lets me find something called a website!

As a child (and not so young, I confess) I used to draw fantastical looking fairy ladies with intricate wings and flowing clothes. I dreamed of wearing similar fabrics to give myself that illusion of other-worldly-ness. I suppose that’s why I loved the Renaissance Fairs so much.

Yesterday, there was Galadriel, the Elvin queen, in stunning gown and a head-piece to die for. The glow they added via computer and the magical backdrop behind her lent such a dreamlike feeling I couldn’t help but be mesmerized. That is what all this is about, really — mesmerizing things.

There’s been a lot of hubbub of late about giving our kids in school iPads, how it’s going to eliminate teachers and rot those little minds in school. Well, speaking of mesmerizing, I was working with a young fellow last week, attempting some hypnosis with him.

(Children are on the verge of hypnotic state most of the time so it’s not too difficult. It just doesn’t look like you think it might.)

Anyway, one does hypnosis with children by initiating their imagination. Depending on how one directs it, you can usually get the ball rolling in one direction or another. As long as the adults keep their own imaginations sparked, our children shan’t suffer.

Watching this movie yesterday, my own imagination, annals of my lifetime, came flooding back, sparking new creative ideas all over again in my head. The 10-foot tall characters, the ugly orcs, running home to look up certain characters, etc.

No, I’m not afraid of technology. Now if you’ll excuse me, I’m going to go turn on the heater.

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