Letter to the Editor

Register all guns

San Luis ObispoJanuary 20, 2013 

After reading Peter Keith’s comments in Friday’s Tribune (“Locals react to Obama’s gun control proposals”), I have a question. Exactly which of President Obama’s proposals does he not agree with? I could find nothing that would prevent Mr. Keith from hunting, killing rodents, practicing shooting or protecting his family. Even though I’m a card-carrying liberal, I completely support his and everyone’s right to do all of those things. Nobody is coming for your guns.

I believe that the NRA is strictly a lobbying organization that shills for the weapons manufacturers and retailers so they can feed money to politicians.

Here’s a simple solution. When we buy a car, we have to register that car. When we sell that car, we have to transfer title. Revenues from these transactions go to boost city and county coffers. Why can’t the same be done with weapons? Create a nice revenue stream, solve the problem of unrecorded gun show sales and create a traceable database for stolen weapons.

As far as that sacred cow, the Second Amendment, is concerned, research shows that the Founding Fathers inserted it into the Constitution as an appeasement to ensure that the Southern states had a ready militia in case of slave uprisings.

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