Letter to the Editor

Complain to Caltrans

Morro BayJanuary 20, 2013 

I drove up our scenic Highway 1 to see what all the letters to the editor and local talk have been about regarding the poor quality of the road resurfacing, and guess what? The complaints are completely legitimate! Plus, it turned out to be an expensive drive because a pickup truck without mud flaps (another issue that isn’t addressed enough) kicked a piece of the loose rock up and pitted my windshield!

Swamp Caltrans with complaints! Serious damage can happen to cars, bystanders and bicyclists. I don’t ride a bike on this highway but fear for those who do.

Take heed tourist bureaus, local visitors centers and insurance companies — you will all pay a price for this substandard work in the form of com plaints and claims.

Meanwhile, taxpayers, demand your money back! We shouldn’t be held financially responsible for such pathetic work.

Email Caltrans District 5 by logging on to http://www.dot.ca.gov /dist05. Scroll down to District 5 Public Affairs Office and send your email today!

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