Paso sex offender gets 25 years to life for molesting girls he met online

ppemberton@thetribunenews.comJanuary 18, 2013 

Shaun Harrison

A registered sex offender received a sentence of 25 years to life in prison Friday for molesting underage girls he met online.

Shaun Robert Harrison, 27, of Paso Robles had entered a no-contest plea in November to a felony charge of committing a lewd act with a child. Because he had two prior felonies, he faced a life term under California’s "three strikes" law.

He had previously served four years in prison for burglary and molesting girls ages 7 and 9.

After his release from that sentence, he violated probation by living too close to a school. Ten months after serving time for that violation, he was arrested again, this time accused of using social media sites such as Facebook and MySpace to meet underage girls.

According to court records, he communicated with three girls online. He also met two of them — including a 13-year-old with Asperger’s syndrome — on multiple occasions during which sexual activity occurred.

Harrison told the Probation Department he was trying to date women his age but was frustrated he could not go out past curfew with the electronic monitoring ankle bracelet he’d been ordered to wear.

“I wasn’t seeking out youngsters,” he said, according to the Probation Department’s pre-sentence report filed with the court. “After doing so well, working ... my only way to even have a life was to go on the Internet.”

He said he plans to commit suicide when his parents pass away because he doesn’t want to be a paroled sex offender trying to make it back in society.

“I don’t want to be one of those people you see on the news,” he said, referring to registered sex offenders who draw protests from potential neighbors upon release from prison.

According to the probation report, Harrison showed no remorse and shifted blame to the victims, police and the justice system.

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