Letter to the Editor

Thank the school staff

Arroyo GrandeJanuary 14, 2013 

It is with disbelief that most of us received the news Friday of yet another school shooting.

With arguably the most tragic shooting incident in recent history just weeks past, we are left feeling like the world has gone mad. Working at an elementary school, I heard the news from our hardworking custodian, who just shook his head in sadness.

On Friday, we also had another lock-down drill at our school. These are drills where doors are locked, blinds are drawn, no one is allowed in or out. What used to be a routine safety measure has taken on a more ominous quality. In response to tragedy, we are trying to be as prepared as possible.

As details from Newtown, Conn., emerged, all I could think of was that every teacher and staff member I know would respond in that same heroic way.

In the coming weeks, the debate on gun control will escalate. As opinions differ and we exercise our American right of free speech, please remember to thank those teachers and school staff who, every day, do their best to teach our children, the profession for which they trained, while at the same time trying to keep them safe to do it for yet another day.

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