Letter to the Editor

Unsafe road

CambriaJanuary 14, 2013 

In October, Caltrans contracted with CalPortland Construction of Santa Maria to “chip seal” Highway 1 between Weymouth Street and the Monterey County line.

This section of road is listed as a scenic route for the state.

After the “chip seal” was completed, this route can no longer be considered scenic. You cannot look at the beautiful scenery because whether you are driving or riding a bicycle, you are too busy dodging the3/8-inch rocks that were used to chip seal the roadway.

As far as riding a bicycle, forget it. It’s too dangerous. There is no shoulder to speak of, and now you must ride to the left of the fog line in most places.

Cracked windshields, chipped paint, broken hips — just a few of the problems.

I have been riding this route for 15 years and have only ridden the route two times since the so-called improvement.

Caltrans needs to step up, take responsibility and correct this mistake.

I won’t hold my breath, as Caltrans representatives in San Luis Obispo met on Jan. 8 and concluded, “The roadwork meets Caltrans standards and is not hazardous for cyclists.”

It IS unsafe!

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