SLO County's unemployment rate unchanged from October to November

jhickey@thetribunenews.comJanuary 10, 2013 

San Luis Obispo County's jobless rate held steady in November as local industries added 3,500 jobs year over year, state data show.

The unemployment rate was 7.3 percent in November, the same as October and just one tenth below September’s rate, according to state data that are not seasonally adjusted. November’s rate is well below the year-ago estimate of 8.6 percent unemployed.

Because of seasonal work fluctuations — which can be significant — unemployment data are compared with the same month year over year.

In November, the most recent month calculated, the unadjusted unemployment rate for California was 9.6 percent, and 7.4 percent for the nation.

The size of the local labor force grew 2 percent year over year this November to 141,800. Also called the labor participation rate, this figure includes everyone working, looking for work or receiving unemployment benefits in San Luis Obispo County.

Of the labor force in November, about 10,300 were unemployed, a year-over-year drop of 13.4 percent. An additional 106,100 had industry or farm employment, and 25,400 were self-employed, unpaid family workers or household domestic workers, the data show.

Excluding the self-employed, San Luis Obispo County’s companies or agencies had 3,500 more jobs in November than during the same month in 2011, a 3.4 percent increase year over year.

Leading employment in November were the trade, transportation, and utilities category and the leisure and hospitality category, with additions of 700 jobs each year over year.

Meanwhile, manufacturing employment was down year over year, with a loss of 400 jobs.

The state categorizes employment by place of work.

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