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In which our newly elected Congress prepares proper attire for their first days in office.


Wild Christmas trees

What a pleasant surprise to see two of the trees on the Fiscalini Ranch decorated again this year. I would like to think that it puts a smile on everyone’s face that walks by.

Thank you to the person or persons who take the time to lift one’s spirits.

Patti Iacono


Taxes high, still happy

In response to Randall Schwalbe on Dec. 27 (“Taxes weigh on economy”) about taxes and socialism, may I suggest that socialism is not all bad. We have Medicare in this country, a form of socialism, and most people 65 and over are not anxious for it to go away.

In Denmark (my roots), they have political campaigns far superior to what we have just endured. Large corporations, billionaires from Las Vegas and special interest groups are not allowed to contribute to any candidate running for office. Consequently, candidates are not owned by corporations.

The government gives each and every candidate the same amount of money for his or her campaign and the same amount of time for the candidate to get across his message and agenda.
After just a very few short months the campaign is over and they vote. They then go on with the business of the country and the people.

The Danes pay very high taxes, maybe the highest in the world, and yet for several years running they have been determined to be No. 1 for the happiest people in the world. When they aren’t No. 1, they are always high on the list for the happiest and most contented people in the world.

High taxes and happy people. You figure it.

Hazel Olsen Larsen


Save Social Security

Preserving benefits to protect our most vulnerable citizens is an issue that affects all of us, either right in this moment or in the near future. Someone each of us knows will suffer from cuts to Social Security benefits.

We cannot compromise on the small amount comparatively spent on Social Security rather than trimming defense or asking the very wealthy to shoulder their share or at least a larger portion of their fair share. Please move this petition forward.

That’s why I signed a petition to the United States House of Representatives, the United States Senate and President Barack Obama, which says: “Stop proposed cuts to Social Security NOW!”

Will you sign this petition? Go to:

Bob McLaughlin

San Simeon

‘Send In The Clowns’

Why do some people hold politicians in high respect? I only do that when they have proven to me that they are working for us — we the people.

Most of the politicians in the Congress need their pay cut in half. Their retirement pay is theft of our dollars. They should pay into the Social Security system and draw on it like the deserving working citizens of America.

Any politician that commits a crime of job neglect should go to jail, with no pay — not just resign and walk away from the disaster they caused. Hold them to be responsible for their actions or non-action. We pay them to do a job.

We vote them in because we believe they are the best candidate for the job. A lot of politicians are career politicians — only in it for the money. They live far from the world of us ordinary citizens.

They are “actors.” Playing a role of caring for us, while raking in the dough, and manipulating our emotions. I think about our recent government and it brings to mind a song titled “Send In The Clowns.”

The last line is: “Don't bother — they’re here.”

David T. Manion


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