Letter to the Editor

Restore Highway 1

Los OsosJanuary 10, 2013 

Caltrans ruined one of California’s premier bicycling routes last year when they chip-sealed 25 miles of Highway 1 north of Cambria.

Highway 1 is much more than just another bike route. It is an All-American Road and an official State Bicycle Route. It is an iconic route in the cycling community. Local and national charities use it as an attraction that draws thousands of cyclists to events that raise hundreds of thousands of dollars. Bicycle touring companies use this route as a mainstay in their tour offerings. All of this activity brings tourists, who spend money on hotel rooms, meals and more. If this is not fixed and the route is abandoned by the cycling community, it will have a measurable financial impact on the county.

We have reached out to Caltrans, with no result. No one has been able to get Caltrans folks to take the situation seriously. This is surprising, since Caltrans has done a great job in this area to accommodate bicyclists in the past.

We want Caltrans to restore the Highway 1 shoulders between Cambria and the Monterey County line to their prechip coat smoothness and remove all conditions that pose safety hazards to bicyclists.

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