Letter to the Editor

Editorial bias

AtascaderoJanuary 10, 2013 

The Tribune’s Jan. 9 editorial sounded to me like you prefer our county supervisors cast votes based on the mood of the day and to get along with the other supervisors.

Supervisor Debbie Arnold clearly stated the reason for her vote: She believes politics should be kept out of the process of appointing a board chair and vice chair, and this is done by following the fair and equitable custom of rotating the job by numerical order (unless a new supervisor, just elected, would be next in the rotation). Your editorial called this “convoluted logic.”

What I find “convoluted” is The Tribune cutting off its research at only five years, while Debbie Arnold researched back to 1997 (15 years) for a more objective evaluation of past practice.

Supervisor Arnold did not vote “against” anyone, but rather in favor of continuing a fair and equitable historical convention. Your editorial board’s bias is showing.

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