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Up to you to fill in the blank in the Thank You for ... Festival

Special to The CambrianJanuary 8, 2013 

We always have something fun going on around this town. We’ve long enjoyed the Pinedorado tradition. More recently there has been the Art and Wine Festival, Chili Cook-off and, most recently, the Scarecrow Festival added to the list of communitywide events that gather us all together and from far and wide.

And then there’s the fledgling “Thank you for …” festival that is just beginning to blossom.

The brain-child of Stephanie Stacey, the event helps generate funds for the YMCA after-school program and other causes/designees (like most of the other events). More than that, however, it gives the grammar school-aged participants (89 kindergarten through fifth-grade kids) in the “Service Learning” segment of the program something to think about while they are painting and creating these masterpieces.

Stephanie explains: “The first year (February 2012) Thank you for … festival planted happy energy and spread heaps of love thru orders of 137 heart-filled Thank you for … signs. ‘Thank you for …’ grew from one end of Main Street to the other during the whole month … the month of love.

“The afterschool program students perennial ‘Service Learning’ project encourages everyone to think about who or what would you like to say ‘Thank you for …,’” Stacey says.

The program invites the community (or outside the Cambria area even!) to take advantage of this creative way to spread good juju, as well as help you raise money for your own group. Each sign can be bought for $15, $5 of which can go to your club or favorite charity.

This all takes place in the month of February, so now is the time to order. On Feb. 1, all the messages will be “magically planted” on Main St., as well as Moonstone Beach Drive this year, and “bloom” all month long.

Hey, how many times a year do I tell you in this space to count your blessings? Well, now you can encourage our young folks, support a good cause AND spread the love by doing just that in public!
Contact Jennifer Vialpando, Cambria “Y” Camp program director, at 305-8395 or Stephanie Stacy “jojo” Cambria “Y” Camp staff via email at stephanieastacy@sbcglobal.net — or call 235-6915 to request a Thank you for … order form.

The staff then suggests you:

• First, decide who or what you’d like to say “Thank you for …,”;

• Second, order at $15 each your “Thank you for …” sign(s);

• Third, decide which nonprofit you would like to have benefit from your “Thank you for …” sign (suggested organizations are on order form or you can list others); and

• Fourth, make your tax deductible check ($15 per sign) to Cambria “Y” Program No. 551 and send to Stephanie Stacy, P.O. Box 668, Cambria CA 93428.

And then watch the goodness grow through town!

Dianne Brooke’s column is special to The Cambrian. Email her at tiedi@att.net, or visit her web site at www.ladytiedi.com.

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