Megalomania in fashion?

Shell BeachJanuary 6, 2013 

When a national columnist shows signs of insanity, isn’t it the duty of journalism to speak up? Certainly, if there were a member of the press flaunting the virtues of fascism or other forms of cruel totalitarianism, I would hope that there would be an outcry from the press.

Now we have Mr. Friedman, who, being frustrated by the Arab Spring not being a fountain of a rebirth of democracy among Arabs, has a theory that if only Israel would lose a war, or at least let more of its soldiers be killed during conflicts, then it would “soothe” the Arab spirit, and, therefore, there would be a better chance of “peace.”

I wish I were making this up, but there it is in bold print-direct quotes by that megalomaniac. And yet not a word from the press speaking out against Friedman. What’s going on?

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