No longer free

Paso RoblesJanuary 5, 2013 

America became the greatest economic, cultural and military power the world has ever known because during that time of “becoming,” our Constitution was written and followed; men of world-changing energy, common sense and unlimited vision saw the wisdom of capitalism and developed it to a high degree.

Friedrich Hayek explained, “Economics has from its origins been concerned with how an extended order of human interaction comes into existence through a process of variation, winnowing and sifting far surpassing our vision or our capacity to design.”

Variation, winnowing and sifting of the production, distribution and consumption of wealth over thousands of years and in many civilizations produced the only economic system that works for free people — entrepreneurial, free market capitalism.

Barack Obama believes that America doesn’t deserve to be a great nation and he doesn’t believe in capitalism. He is of a different mind set, ignoring the Constitution, wrecking our economy with irresponsible taxation, profligate spending, inappropriate regulating and crushing debt. Obamacare is his crowning achievement, the final “wrecking ball.” Its massive growth of central government will ensure that we no longer function as a federal republic, no longer be the “Land of the Free.”

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