Letter to the Editor

The next fad

NipomoJanuary 4, 2013 

OK, we have a bag ban so we may as well get used to it for now because, like most other “great ideas” foisted on us by the environmentalists, this too shall pass.

Recall the environmentalists pushed us into plastic bags some years back because we were killing too many trees — a renewable resource — with paper bags. The environmentalists pushed us to put MTBE in gasoline to clean up the air, but MTBE fouled our water supply. And the list goes on.

Environmental fads seem to be like medical fads. Stick around a few years and “conventional” thinking will be reversed. I often think of advice my doctor gave me when I was in my teens. He said any new idea the medical profession pushed would likely be reversed in 10-15 years. How right he was.

So for now, bring your own bag. Within a short time, enough illnesses will result from contamination of owner-provided bags, instances of which are already being reported, that some well-meaning group will recommend another approach — maybe plastic bags.

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