Completion of a cycle and reminder of a life lesson

Special to The CambrianJanuary 3, 2013 

I have been fortunate, well … perhaps again … it is in my nature, that when I fall in love with someone I fall in love with his whole family. When I am no longer at that level of love with that someone, it does not mean I am no longer in love with his family. I did not have the divergence with them.

And so it is that 2012 was met with the ending of an era, other than that of the calendar year. My former father-in-law passed away the day after Christmas. It may seem like a depressing subject for the first column of the 2013 but there is a point here (other than to send your support to the “Tall Guy”).

I’d first like to point out what a gift it was on one level. My younger son and his father made it out to New Mexico to be with Grampa Jim in the hospital for several days. While they did spend Christmas in there, they did get to bring him home the day after. The following day, with Gramma, Zachary, his dad and his uncle, Jim went on his way while in his sleep.

That he did not suffer long was a gift, but to my son, the gift was the experience of death. I realize that may sound macabre but it is not. How often do we hear about a loss, lose someone suddenly, see it in the movies? How often do we actually get to experience firsthand the process, the emotion, the shift in energy? I did with my mom and, while extremely sad, it is the completion of a life story. 

The other gift was that of awakened intuition, more precisely, my intuition. It’s been a number of years since I’ve actually seen the outlaws in New Mexico. Always send Christmas cards, drop the occasional line, phone on birthdays, but not seen face-to-face. This Thanksgiving, I had the undeniable need to call them.

Granted they are nearing 90 and so one should be aware of expiration dates. But I somehow knew the timing was of the essence. How many of us know that, feel that at some point in their life but ignore it? Here is my point as we kick off 2013: Don’t wait.

If you are struck with “guilt” or an urge to contact someone or do something in particular for someone, do it. It may feel slightly uncomfortable or you may not know how to approach it, but I can guarantee that the intuition that put the initial thought in your head will guide you to the right words and actions.

Don’t try to put preconceived parameters on the encounter. Listen to your gut. Sometimes just listening to that person is the right thing. A simple note, an arm around the shoulder, a kind word can make all the difference. And, this applies not only to loved ones but to strangers as well. Intuition is a powerful source.

If a positive thought comes to your mind, don’t waste it. Smile, compliment, touch, give, create, reconnect, soothe, amuse, whatever …  do it now for you may never know the extent of the fullness your heart can feel otherwise.

Happy New Year!

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