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Winter brings short, sparkling clear days

Best time of year to see the 'green flash'

markali@charterJanuary 3, 2013 

How well do you know Cambria’s sun, rain patterns?

Take the Cambria Weather Watch quiz (answers appear below):

1. On Oct 1,  Cambria recorded a high temperature of 87 degrees at Park Hill (near the beach) and 99 degrees at Lodge Hill. This represents the warmest day ever recorded over the last 14 years.

A. True.

B. False.

2. How much rain and what can we expect to receive during an average winter (January, February and March)

A. 8 inches  – 13 rainy days

B. 11 inches – 17 rainy day

C. 14 inches — 21 rainy days

D. 17 inches — 25  rainy days

3. How many MORE hours of nighttime do we experience on Dec. 20 (longest night) as compared to daylight hours?

A. Fewer than four hours

B. 4½ hours

C. More than 4½ hours

4. Which month of the year has the lowest average temperature?

A. December

B. January

C. February

D. All three months are about the same

One of Cambria’s main attractions is the temperate weather we enjoy all year round. A study of Cambria’s weather pattern has been put together utilizing the last 14 years of temperature data as recorded at the Waste Water Treatment Plant in Park Hill and reported weekly in the Cambrian.

This data, combined with a subjective evaluation of the type of day that Cambria experiences (sunny, partly sunny, cloudy and rainy) contributes to the following report. A clear day is defined as clear skies from early morning to sunset. A partially clear day means that the fog or clouds clear out during the day followed by sunshine for the remainder of the day (or vice versa).

Since this evaluation is conducted at or near the ocean, where fog and low clouds are more prevalent than all other parts of town, the temperatures and weather information reflect lower temperatures than one might expect to see due to the many microclimates that are within Cambria. The weather year starts in July and ends in June. (Weather year 2013 began July 1, 2012, and will end June 30, 2013.)

October 2012

The high temperatures of 99 degrees at Lodge Hill and 87 degrees at Park Hill have never been exceeded during the last 14 years. In a technical sense, Park Hill did reach a high of 87 degrees on April 27, 2004. (We’ll give credit to both answers).

Winter 2013

The upcoming winter season (January, February and March) should bring Cambria a little bit of everything. Winter for Cambrians (when there is less fog) provides us with the best opportunity to view sunsets as well as an occasional green flash of light which can sometimes be seen near the upper rim of the sun as it rises or sets.

We can expect clear sunny days almost half the time with approximately 17 rainy days giving us 11 inches of rain with February being the wettest with 4½ inches.

On Dec. 21, the shortest day of the year, we experience 14¼ hours of nighttime and only 9¾ hours of daylight, a difference of 4½ hours.

December, January and February (all three months) reflect the coldest average months of the year — 49 degrees with an average high temperature of 58 combined with an average low of 40 degrees.
These are the weather conditions for an average week in the winter:

• Three days per week, clear sunny days;

• Two days per week, early morning fog followed by partial clearing and sun;

• One day per week, no sun (cloudy and foggy all day); and

• One day per week, rain.

Answers to questions on Page 3: 1. A or B; 2. B; 3. B; 4. D.

Weather by the numbers

Compiled by Mark Kramer from information recorded by the CCSD as reported in The Cambrian.

Average number
of days that are:
Sunny, clearPartly sunnyCloudy,
no sun
RainHigh temp Low temp
In the month of:
In the season of:
Yearly average15014139346246

Contact Cambria resident Mark Kramer at or at 924-1101.

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