Letter to the Editor

Arm the good guys

NipomoJanuary 3, 2013 

Here’s a riddle. What did Columbine High School; Virginia Tech; Aurora, Colo.; and Sandy Hook Elementary have in common before their tragic loss? Answer: They were gun-free zones!

Crazed homicidal killers realized that and went after those kids knowing in their cowardly, black hearts that they would face little or no resistance. Reports I’ve read on the latest shooting suggest the murderer at Sandy Hook shot himself after he heard responding officers, who were carrying AR-15’s.

My thought, backed with more than 29 years of law enforcement experience and a lifetime of gun ownership and interest, is that the National Rifle Association is spoton with its statements. I believe we should give law enforcement and military personnel, who qualify, reduced tuition to school classes if they carry their weapon. I also believe teachers should be armed, like pilots. Retired, armed officers should be able to volunteer to patrol schools and their surrounding areas.

America won’t disarm. Arm the good guys to defeat the bad guys!

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