Letter to the Editor

Gun grabbers

AtascaderoJanuary 3, 2013 

I wish the gun grabbers would just be upfront and honest and say, “We want all of them made illegal.” Some of them do — but most are using this horrendous act by a madman to pursue their agenda.

The National Rifle Association and others have proposed armed guards at schools, but the grabbers say, “That’s not acceptable.” They want the “assault weapons” outlawed and the rights of the citizens revoked.

My premise is this: If they are not opportunists using this issue for their own agenda, they would want the armed guards in place immediately so as to try and head off any further deaths. This would help to resolve the problem immediately.

All the proposed legislation and all the speeches take time. And then, if the laws are passed, it would be years before they had any real effect. In the meantime, the carnage continues. The bad guys and the nut cases would be able to have a field day in the long run.

We all want all people to be safe from harm, but the world is a dangerous place at times. We need to be able to defend ourselves. All the “feel good” legislation in the world doesn’t change that.

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