Guns, freedom and liberty

Grover BeachDecember 31, 2012 

I really hope most are praying for those 26 who were murdered in Connecticut. It’s almost as sickening as the horrible deed itself that so many are using the victims’ blood to further their agenda. It’s beyond puzzling that many are willing to give away what many people have died for — our rights.

To say new gun bans and laws will work is a lie. Schools are already a “gun-free zone,” and that did absolutely nothing and will continue to do nothing to change a murderer’s mind. Methamphetamine is illegal, does that stop anyone from using? Cigarettes kill thousands; are we shouting to ban cigarettes?

New York Mayor Bloomberg and President Obama are viciously attacking our right to bear arms, but yet have armed security guards. This is not Republican vs. Democrat, nor right wing vs. left wing: It’s about freedom and liberty.

It’s asinine that we scream and shout if government threatens to control the Internet. We scream and shout if our “privacy” is at stake on our social media. Sadly, we won’t stand up or will blindly look the other way when our rights are being attacked. I pray for those who can’t see the writing on the wall.

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