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KCBX’s purpose

Los OsosDecember 31, 2012 

For more than 25 years, KCBX has provided a service to the community by broadcasting the SLO County Board of Supervisors meetings Tuesdays. This has been an invaluable resource for those who follow local issues. Live television and computer live-streaming offer alternative access to the county’s weekly meetings, but live radio has provided major accessibility to citizens following issues.

KCBX has no doubt heard pleas to not discontinue Board of Supervisors broadcasts from agricultural managers who listen on headsets in the field, from older concerned citizens who only have radios in their homes, and from busy people who can only listen as they drive. There are countless others who tune in to hear specific agenda items.

The proposed changes in scheduling rock the core of KCBX’s purpose and mission statement by removing local coverage of the most important and timely decisions on issues affecting residents’ lives. Board of Supervisors meetings are one day out of the week, and I propose that local issues are of more importance than adding national programming.

The original intent of KCBX to feature pubic affairs programming should be continued. Democracy depends on an informed citizenry that can act locally, and there is nothing more useful than the Tuesday Board of Supervisors coverage for local issues to be understood.

Stay diversified, not melba toasty.

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