Letter to the Editor

Faith restored

Arroyo GrandeDecember 20, 2012 

Heading into Kmart in Arroyo Grande last Thursday with my 3-year-old grandson in tow, I unknowingly dropped a cash deposit in the parking lot. We were on amission to buy a Christmas gift for a foster child living in San Luis Obispo County.

Later that day, I saw that my deposit was missing. I called all the places that we had been — to no avail. It was not a lot of cash, but my concern was for the bank account information on the deposit slip.

Friday morning, when I called the bank to alert them about my account, they told me a gentleman had found the deposit, drove it to my bank and deposited it for me. I was amazed and astounded that pockets of goodness and honesty are all around us, and we all need to incorporate those values every day.

My family and I had already decided to pay off a family’s layaway account at Kmart — and this year we are doing it in the name of the good man who restored my faith in human goodness. And yes, I do know his name!

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