Coast Union football coach steps down

Special to The CambrianDecember 13, 2012 

Chuck Garcia, who coached the Bronco varsity football team for the past two seasons, has stepped down from his position as he seeks a full-time teaching position.

Garcia, who along with his offensive coordinator Charlie Casale, led the Broncos to a 7-1 record in 2011 and a 7-3 record in 2012, told The Cambrian that he has accomplished all he set out to do when he took over the program.

“When they hired me they asked me to reorganize the program and get a good foundation built, get the weight room going again — and all that has been done.” In terms of what the school district asked of him, Garcia believes he has “exceeded all that. We have had a couple good seasons, and the Broncos got into the playoffs for the first time in a long time.

“The kids had fun, I had fun, and everybody in the community got re-engaged,” he explained.

Garcia is working on his teaching credential and has put out his resume and hopes for a teaching position (his major is history) close enough to Cambria so he and his wife can stay here.

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