Letters to the Editor

All or nothing

NipomoDecember 12, 2012 

In his letter of Dec. 2, W.R. Cole calls for Israel to withdraw settlements from the West Bank, arrive at a mutually agreed solution to Jerusalem, and — oh yes, implicitly — to stop defending itself.

Cole’s incomplete and inaccurate history of the Arab-Israel dispute omits the true reasons for today’s mess: Had the Arabs accepted the U.N. 1947 partition plan, they could be celebrating their 63rd anniversary of peace. They rejected the plan and invaded the new state of Israel. When they lost the war, the Arabs suicide-bombed, kidnapped, murdered and then fired tens of thousands of rockets into Jewish civilian areas, and refused honest negotiations.

As for Jewish withdrawal from the West Bank as a road to peace: It’s nonsense. Israel withdrew from Gaza, leaving behind farms, orchards and modern infrastructure. In return, Israel got rocket-propelled explosives by the thousands and more murder. The complete history of the Arab-Israel conflict is available at most any library. There can be no successful negotiation, no Cole-cited “mutually agreed” solution with the current “all-or-nothing” mentality of the Arabs: Arab leaders say often they want to push the Jews into the sea. They mean it.

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