Letter to the Editor

Dunes letter misleading

Nipomo MesaDecember 9, 2012 

In his Nov. 26 letter, former Grover Beach official Dave Ekbom revisited several specious arguments disparaging the Air Pollution Control District in its mission to protect the health of Nipomo Mesa residents. Mr. Ekbom failed to disclose in his letter that he has a vested interest in unmitigated off-road vehicle activity on the Dunes, including La Grande Tract, as the owner of a Grover Beach convenience store.

The argument that the APCD should continue to study rather than rest on the “one and only internal study” is entirely misleading. Outside scientists and agencies participated in the two studies conducted over years, and the results were reviewed and endorsed by several outside peer review groups, including the EPA. One way you can paralyze needed regulation is to bog it down in unending scrutiny.

As someone who vaunts his experience on the APCD board, surely he knows that it is the role of the APCD to protect public health.

Finally, anyone who has watched Director Larry Allen work knows the APCD has a clear history of going out of its way to help polluters come into compliance without requesting enforcement of Rule 1001 or sanctions.

Thus, it is quite remarkable that he now publicly takes such a dim view of State Parks’ willingness to take its pollution seriously. He is simply doing his job.

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