UPDATE: Five men detained in Atascadero after allegedly firing rifles in city limits

San Luis Obispo - The TribuneDecember 8, 2012 

UPDATE 8:29 p.m.: The five men detained for firing rifles in Atascadero have been cited and released, said police.

Their weapons -- two Soviet-era military rifles, two bolt action rifles and a shotgun -- have been kept as evidence. 

Original story

Five men in their early 20s were detained and questioned by Atascadero police Saturday afternoon after allegedly firing SKS assault rifles in a wooded area in city limits, said Sgt. Bob Molle.

Police responded to numerous calls around 4:50 p.m. reporting gun fire in the Three Bridges area along the Highway 41 corridor.

With the aid of a CHP helicopter and its infrared camera, four suspects were detained after searching the brush. A fifth was persuaded to show himself after the CHP helicopter called him by name over a loud speaker.

Highway 41 into Atascadero was shut down temporarily during the operation for safety reasons.

It is unknown why the five men were firing weapons in the area, said Molle.

Four SKS assault rifles -- civilian versions of the AK-47 -- were confiscated along with a shotgun, said Molle.

The names and residences of the suspects have not been released.



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