Jodi Fisher's family appears on 'Ellen' show

acornejo@thetribunenews.comNovember 26, 2012 

The family of Jodi Fisher, the Cayucos woman who inspired thousands as she lived her final days fulfilling her dreams while battling cancer before she died in March, was once again invited to visit "The Ellen DeGeneres Show" on Monday.

Fisher’s husband, Shawn, and children Callie and Jonah spoke of their final adventures with her as they fulfilled their “fun list” before she passed away. DeGeneres told them that their story touched people across the nation — so much so that one woman wanted to anonymously give back to the family.

On the show Monday both kids were given new Apple laptops and the family was given a $10,000 check to travel to Hawaii, a trip Fisher had hoped to make with her family while she was still alive.

Fisher, 44, first shared her story locally when she handed out free ice cream from an ice cream truck in her hometown to celebrate her birthday. The venture was part of a bucket list — or "fun list" — she had compiled with her family to spend time together doing things they hadn't yet had a chance to do.

Her story quickly captivated the community, and her strength as a vivacious mother of two young children, a wife, a sister and a daughter inspired many. And soon, she was meeting President Barack Obama and appearing as a guest on "The Ellen DeGeneres Show" — another wish.

She died three weeks later, but her family said Monday that her inspiration lives on.

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