Letter to the Editor

It’s in the (plastic) bag

AtascaderoNovember 12, 2012 

Well, here we are barely over a month into the ban on plastic bags in SLO County, and lo and behold, I can already see the improvement. The air is cleaner. The water is clearer. And good ol’ Mother Earth is heaving a mighty sigh of relief that we are doing our part!

Oh, I forgot to bring my reusable cloth sack in the store! No … I don’t want to pay a dime for a paper sack. We’re just killing trees to make those. I’ll just throw it in the basket and take it to the car and load it there in my reusable cloth sack, which by now is laden with all kinds of bacteria that will contaminate my nice fresh produce. But wait a minute! That won’t happen because my produce is in a plastic bag that I got at the store!

Man, did I put one over on them. I got out of there with a plastic bag, and what with my pork chops wrapped in plastic, I’m literally in hog heaven now. Combine that with my plastic milk jugs and my morning doughnuts in that little plastic bag, I am ready to run home, throw on a pot of coffee, rip my morning Tribune out of the little plastic bag it came in, and thoroughly enjoy.

Thank you, SLO Board of Supervisors, for passing such a sensible ordinance!

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