Letter to the Editor

Nipomo market a joy

Arlington Heights, Ill.November 12, 2012 

I stumbled upon Nipomo’s year-round Farmers Market at Trilogy, and it made my day. Actually, it made my month! Coming from the Chicago area, where farmers markets are present only a few months out of the year, this was a great find.

Of course, it’s more convenient to purchase from the supermarkets supplying peaches year-round, but holds no comparison to shaking the hand of the farmer who planted, cared for, and harvested the nutrient-rich produce. At one point, I fought an internal battle with spending $4 on a bundle of carrots, but after offering my time in Edna, Texas, interning on a small family farm, I soon understood the pricing and value of the foods sold at market; it’s a lot of work!

As a dietitian, I am working to further understand the food system through hands-on experience at farms, and I encourage everyone to offer a few hours of their time or even just a visit to the local farms to do the same.

Year-round and found! I wish I was around for more than a few days. Those who reside in Nipomo and the surrounding areas, don’t take your yearround market for granted. So many of us have lost connection with the food we consume; stop, re-evaluate, and take control.

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