Letter to the Editor

Hind's quiet giving

2012 CCEF Board Chair, Paso RoblesNovember 9, 2012 

I would like to add another story to the growing list of those acknowledging all Greg Hind did for our community. Four years ago, the Central Coast Economic Forecast was a fledgling organization. We were entirely dependent on sponsor dollars to fund the economic research needed to make good business decisions. And while our board of directors was a committed, dynamic group, we faced the daunting challenge of fundraising during a precarious economy.

Everything changed when Greg Hind stepped forward to offer an unprecedented $20,000 contribution — seed money that enabled us to raise the balance needed, conduct research and present an annual event.

What’s most memorable is that Greg wanted his contribution to do more than pay the bills, so at his request, complimentary event tickets were extended to local nonprofit organizations. On the day of the Forecast presentation, the front row seats were filled by Greg, his daughter Kirsten, and their many invited guests. This was the kind of quiet giving that defined Greg Hind. We are grateful for his generosity and friendship that helped us build a strong organization, and we extend our condolences to the Hind family. ,

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