Letter to the Editor

An opportunity lost

Los OsosNovember 8, 2012 

The Tribune recently reported the Los Osos wastewater plant is getting started; construction crews have begun the lengthiest building phase. Completion is late 2015, with three years of solid, high-paying work. The wages are the higher of two pay scales. The $170 million dollar sewer is an economic jolt creating new jobs with positive effect to retailers, restaurants and schools. This project lowers the county unemployment rate, is good for local unions and has a measurable economic benefit to all of SLO County.

Don’t we wish. Unfortunately, that’s what could have been — but not what happened. A majority of the guys putting up the metal walls and collection lines don’t live in our county. The contractors building the Los Osos sewer are from Orange and L.A. counties. They brought their own crews, who stay during the week and go home on the weekends. The money is good. Southern California residents got the majority of the jobs to support families and local businesses. Our residents got a sliver of the whole piece.

We lost a major opportunity to impact and build our San Luis Obispo County economy and create new good jobs with the $170 million Los Osos project.

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