Letter to the Editor

So much for helping

Morro BayNovember 7, 2012 

‘Some Oceano residents are concerned about the size and location of a proposed homeless services center...” (Tribune, Nov. 3) chronicles the same ugly mirror of human selfishness I’ve seen in dozens of articles in my 17 years in SLO County. Where was this “concern” before the project landed in their backyards?

Ignoring the desperate need for such a facility, Oceano CSD Director Matt Guerrero (armed with 150 petition signatures opposed) claims that it would threaten the future development of their community. Wow. Helping the homeless out of abad situation is a “threat” now?

Barbara Mann, chair of the Oceano Advisory Council, is worried where the homeless will sleep. But apparently only on the evenings that they’re leaving the proposed day center.

The Sheriff’s Office has doubts about being able to provide an “adequate level of service.” Yeah. I hear those single moms with three small kids in tow can be pretty ornery.

Why has the 5 Cities Homeless Coalition looked at more than 100 potential properties for this project? This is why.

Good job, folks. So much for helping and caring for your fellow man.

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