Ballot measures: Paso Robles sales-tax increase passes

Elsewhere, Oceano passes water measure and Grover votes to become a charter city

tweber@thetribunenews.comNovember 6, 2012 

  • Measure Yes votes % of vote
    E-12 5,236 58.97%
    F-12 6,162 71.29%
    B-12 1,378 83.87%
    C-12 780 67.59%
    D-12 10,667 83.52%
    H-12 2,348 57.27%
    I-12 1,718 50.16%

A ballot measure in Paso Robles to raise nearly $3 million for the city’s general fund passed easily Tuesday.

Seven other local measures were also on Tuesday’s ballot.

Measure E-12 asked Paso Robles voters whether they wanted to approve a half-cent general sales tax increase to replenish the general fund.

The increase would bring nearly $3 million each year for 12 years to the city, which has imposed across-the- board cuts since 2009 due to budget shortfalls. A companion, Measure F-12, was also supported. It will guide future councils to use the tax revenue money specifically on roads.

Measure G-12 asked Paso Robles voters to extend the mayoral term to four years from two starting in 2014. It was also approved.

In other measures:

Measure B-12: Oceano voters passed a measure that would require voter approval before the local services district could permanently sell water to an entity outside its boundaries.

Measure C-12: Cayucos voters approved a special parcel tax that would have raised money to pay for fire protection services. Since 2005, Cayucos Fire has paid Cal Fire to keep Station 11 staffed with firefighters during the nonfire season, an agreement that costs Cayucos about $225,000 a year, according to Rob Lewin, County/Cal Fire chief.

Measure D-12: San Luis Obispo voters easily approved a measure to standardize utility taxes.

Measure H-12: Templeton school district voters backed a $35 million bond measure that will be spent on replacing portable classrooms and fixing school buildings.

Measure I-12: Grover Beach voters were behind a measure to change the city from a general law to a charter city. Doing so would allow Grover Beach officials to draft their own rules on election procedures, bidding for contracts and rules for use of city property.

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