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Truth about water

Shell BeachNovember 5, 2012 

I am a landowner in Nipomo and am being refused water for a senior assisted living facility. After exhaustive research, I’ve been advised of facts I believe are reliable.

Within 384 square miles, 10 public water purveyors utilize portions of the same water aquifer. Of the 10, only one, NCSD, has consistently claimed to have unsolvable water problems.

Last May, NCSD placed a moratorium on new water meters. In 2008, after an 11-year court battle over water, Judge Jack Komar directed technical engineers to form a group to report on the Nipomo Mesa Management Area (NMMA).

The judge assigned them to measure the groundwater production from the basin every year and report the findings. These reports are posted on NCSD’s home site.

For 2008: The NMMA report shows the measured and estimated groundwater production for the entire Mesa was 12,600 acre feet. The most recent NMMA report for 2011 shows the production reduced to 10,538 acre feet for the entire Mesa.

In 2011, they pumped 2,062 acre feet water less than in 2008.

Vote for Bob Blair and Ernie Thompson for NCSD directors to get the truth about water.

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