Letter to the Editor

For Blair, Thompson

NipomoNovember 5, 2012 

I urge you to avoid huge water rate increases by voting for Bob Blair and Ernie Thompson for the Nipomo Community Services District board.

With experience running NCSD, they understand a solution to our water supply problem.

The current NCSD board refuses to consider a cheap and quick solution to a perceived “water supply problem.”

Instead, they have plans for a $14 million redesign for the Santa Maria pipeline, raising charges for our water again.

Our county General Plan states “The best groundwater supplies occur west of the Nipomo Mesa.”

Water from there is available to the district. From the Mesa alone we lose more than 3,000 acre feet per year to an aquifer 900 feet deep. Santa Maria valley’s northerly side loses almost as much, all to the Pacific Ocean.

Some claim the water contains nitrates and pesticides and must enter the Pacific to avoid saltwater intrusion. Not true. Just ask farmers or Woodlands Water Co. where the best wells are located.

Interconnecting pipelines from NCSD to the west end are in place. Water west of Highway 1 is free for the taking.

Put Blair and Thompson back in control.

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